Mexican Heritage Plaza
Approved Catering List

The School of Arts and Culture at MHP requires for the food to be served during any event be provided by a fully licensed food caterer.

You can choose from one of the below pre-approved caterers or use a restaurant or catering company of your choice (unapproved caterer).

If you are using an unapproved caterer, the restaurant or caterer must complete the required application and provide the School of Arts and Culture at MHP with all the Required Documentation no later than 90 days prior to the event. The person renting the venue will also be asked to pay a catering buy-out fee of $3.00 per plate being served ($3.00 per guest).

Download list of pre-approved caterers below.



Café Primavera

Contact: Erika Garcia-Traverso
(408) 781-2569

Kamakishi’s Kitchen

Contact: Vineet Dutta
(650) 401-6564

Catering for All Occasions

Contact: Claudia
(408) 841-2849


Contact: Adolfo Gomez
(408) 806-1491

Catered Too!

Contact: Greg Casella
(408) 295-1563

Plaza Garibaldi

Contact: Rigo Campos
(408) 298-0121

Chacho’s Catering

Contact: Jorge Sanchez
(408) 800-8118

Phu Lam

Contact: Kim Chung
(408) 251-9590

Dreams of the Queen

Contact: Helena Ocampo
(408) 849-0250 Español
(720) 235-9246 English


Contact: Tami Perez
(408) 638-5300

San José Catering and Events

Contact: Maria Herrera
(408) 561-4565 Maria
(408) 679-8577 Dolores

Il Fornaio

Contact: Dina Ardizzone
(408) 271-3356

Vasquez Catering

Contact: Rocio Vasquez
(408) 332-9827

Meal Boxes Etc

Contact: Vineet Dutta

Silver Spoon

Contact: Mahesh Gurikar

Chris Li@n Buffet

Contact: Liliana Giron

Unique Cuisine

Contact: Jaclyn Nguyen
(408) 387-9389

PLEASE NOTE: This list is not an endorsement of the above businesses and/or their services.